Weekly wrap – Car

What a week! It’s been a HIVE of activity around here this week!

We had a busy week with yard work and end of school and catch ups with awesome friends. I also fell into a class creating weird creatures from nature. I have so many ideas springing from it!

This week I have been

Reading – slowly…. Currently ducking in and out of two books and getting nowhere.

Watching – I finished the Crown so am at a loose end. But in viewing with the Hubby, we started watching “The Good Doctor” and after the first episode I am hooked. Freddy Highmore is such a versatile actor!

Listening – I’ve been lovely my mix of 90’s grunge rock with 70’s heavy rock and a little side serve of Queen, Devo and Van Halen.

Working – on the yard. Planting new flowers, too dressing the front yard (so much dirt!)

Planning – the final days to holidays – yeehhhaaaa!

Enjoying – lazy morning sitting out the back with my coffee and journal. And my NEW Christmas Mug of The Grinch!

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