Weekend Wrap :: Rach

With life slowly coming back to whatever passes for normal in 2022, it’s been a bit of a mixed up week. I’ve languished. I’ve crafted on warp speed. Somewhere along the way, I found my balance again, and am slowly building some Christmas spirit with a million advent activities. A lot of what I’ve been doing is embargoed until after Christmas, making it tricky to have things to share. Of what I can share though, I have been:

READING all the Christmas novellas. I’ve finished “Christmas Lillies” by Jackie French, and am currently working through a compilation of Louisa May Alcott Christmas scenes.

WATCHING Christmas movies with the kids! Friday night we watched the Shaun the Sheep Christmas short, and we’re about to throw on the new Ryan Reynolds Christmas movie on Apple TV+ – I got a free 3 month trial with my new phone, and I want to make the most of it before I cancel!

LISTENING TO my Spotify wrapped play list. It’s always fun to listen and see what my listening trends were.

PLANNING a big afternoon of rearranging my craft storage in the cabin. Mr16 is elbow deep in a new project so I’m going to clear out some of my stuff that I don’t use as much to create some extra space for him.

WORKING ON things I can’t share! Posting for my 12 Days gifts is coming up rapidly, and that’s pretty much the sole focus of my crafting at the minute.

ENJOYING the burst of energy that comes with the warmer weather finally settling in. The doors are open, the birds are singing, the air smells of…sunscreen. Ok, so it’s not the most appealing scent, but it very much is the smell of summer, and of Christmas, and I love it.

How’s your week been?

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