Weekend Wrap – Car

Blink and you miss the weeks as they rush on past!

This week I have been

Reading – nothing… again! Although this coming week I am planning on picking one two books (kindle + physical) to complete! I am also about to start reading Brene Browns Atlas and I have an accompanying art project planned to run alongside!

Watching – The Crown. I forgot the new season dropped so have done a little binge watching this weekend!

Listening – to the MoCS podcast (if only to see us as blobs on my watch!) I’ve also grabbed a shorter audible book by Dervla McTiernan to up my reading tally!

Working on – my craft room mass re organisation! It’s so messy in there right now! in between tackling that, I have dived deep into mindful watercolours.

Planning – The new Garden! We had to sadly cut down the remaining trees in the front yard due to disease. My hubby purchased a heap of trees to replace them and we are excited to get planting!

Enjoying – Under the Sea cross stitch and bomb dives in the new pool! Blissful!

How was your week?

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