Weekend Wrap – Car

The weekly wrap!

It’s been a crazy here as we rapidly count down the weeks until School is FINISHED! Four weeks left. In those four weeks I am planning to attempt NaNoWriMo, work, craft, find time to put the office back together and reorganise the house which is out of control.

This past week though has been fuller than I expected. We emerged from the expected rain “event” with a neat 150mm and zero flooding. After the rain cleared the skies opened and by the end of the week we were burning up as the temperature rose higher.

This week I have been…

Reading – does buying books count as reading? Aside from one audio book, I have been starting and stopping at least 15 books and buying nearly as many (kidding it was only half!) Current Tally 42/52 (one book behind schedule)

Watching – I am taking a trip down memory lane and watching The Golden Girls in between more Art videos. My husband and I have started watching Part Two of “The Vow” we weren’t sure what to expect, but so far this season is brilliant.

Listening to – I have been listening to Audible and finished “I’m glad my Mom Died” by Jennette McCurdy. It was very heavy and raw.

Working On – still meandering through the Big Badass Sketchbook with a new protective cover. I’m also making slow progress on Under the Sea cross stitch and I managed to make a small watercolour journal for my besties Birthday!

Planning – NaNoWriMo 30 days, 50,000 words – can I win for the third time? Also planning all the year end things AND potentially a Christmas themed Golden Book for all my Christmas Journaling needs!

Enjoying – unexpected Cupcake deliveries by family, family swims in the new pool and hot sunny days.

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