the prodigal blogger returns

When talking about the advent blog along in our final episode, I mentioned how even the absence of blogging can form part of the story. In December 2019, I dropped off the radar, as bushfires burnt through our property and my good intentions. It was two months before I had the headspace to return to blogging.

My last blog post in this space was December 12. On December 13, my son tested positive for covid for the second time in four weeks. I posted for the final time on my own blog on December 14, and that day I was also slated to blog here. I even uploaded a photo, ready to write that post. All day I had been battling a feeling of being increasingly unwell. I gave Car the heads up, knowing what was coming, and before being able to post, I found myself tucked up in bed at an embarrassingly early time.

Thursday the 15th, I woke after a restless night feeling even worse. I texted Car with photo proof to apply for my blog-leave, with the comment “remember the days we actually wanted to see a second pink line??”. She promptly approved my leave, telling me she would cover the blog. Then she told me to log off so she could disinfect her computer to avoid the cyberplague – ok she told me to go sleep and get better, but that’s not nearly as exciting.

And that, friends, is the story of how the plague ate a whole week and destroyed my festive intentions. I’ve done bugger all for the week. All the alongs are a massive fail, and I’m not even going to try and catch up. Instead, I’ve written a list to cover all the things that are my must do’s between now and Christmas. Even paring it down to the bare minimum, there’s still a fair bit on there.

Sewing. Cricutting. Post runs. Shopping. Menu planning. Cleaning. Santa photos. We’re tired, and we’re so ready for a break, but I refuse to let the plague win. By hook or by crook we’re going to be festive, and we’re coming into Christmas having made every moment of this last week. Operation Emergency Magic starts now.

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