The Brains

Sometime circa 2015, the craft group and I signed up to a monthly cross stitch called “Storytime” the first month dropped with the frames and each month I only had to stitch the pattern inside. This process saw me finish it (either just after Christmas or new year) *ahem* Miss Speedy was still going long after I finished.

Along with that stitchery – I chose to read the books I was stitching, alongside falling head first into Audio books. I had undergone a surgery and listening and stitching was a good combo for me and kept my mind grounded as it tumbled around the recovery process both physically and mentally.

Attempting a night photo to capture the sparkle (it’s hard to capture!)

I have always had a couple of patterns going but have been taking longer to complete them as my focus wanders. I managed to score 3 months free on audible and while I listened to an incredible murder mystery, I picked up my current stitch A Long and saw a little slow progress.

As Rach mentioned, it was interesting to compare the way we approach our listening habits. She was very kind not to actually point out that the entire reason I did not finish the book for over two weeks was simply because I forgot I was reading it. My brain of late has been acting not so different to those hazy newborn days of what we used to call “baby brain” whereas Rach needed the added sensory input – I am sitting over here slowing everything down. Resting my brain if you will.

I find listening to a book or watching an old TV show while I stitch painstakingly slow actually calms the brain and gives it a much needed rest.

this weeks audible choice

This week I chose a shorter book because at this point of the year I am trailing on my reading tally and need numbers stat!

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