Slow and Steady wins the Race

Slow stitch circa Jan 2020

It has been interesting reading Rach’s post about her thoughts on racing through her craft stash and her logic behind the finishes.

I’ve had an introspective year or two myself, partly due to outside forces that inadvertently interrupted my precious crafting time and a realisation that I need this time right now to slow down.

My only child is finishing year TEN tomorrow. It feels like yesterday she was standing in her new too large uniform with a cute pink bag as big as a tortouise shell on her back. Today she is nearly as tall as me. The realisation that she has TWO years remaining has me wanting to slow time down.

I hit middle age… or more like middle age hit me and with it a heap of self reflection. There are days when I’m flat out lifting my phone to scroll let alone stay focused long enough to read or write or follow a pattern.

I have intentionally turned inward, making meditation and yoga a part of my everyday along with my slow progress on my cross stitch project or when I need something less taxing – a slow stitched square with no purpose.

It surprises me that I willingly agreed to co-host a PODCAST and put myself out into the public sphere when every inch of my body is yearning for a period of hibernation.

As with anything though, I believe this is but a season in my life. It’s a time for me to slow down, recharge and replenish my soul. I am grateful I have the opportunity to be able to sit with SLOW and know that one day soon I will have a clean craft room and a space to finish some of my ever-lasting projects.

Slow and steady focus on this cross stitch!

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