Season One Archive

EPISODE ONE: Welcome! An introduction to who we are and what our podcast is about {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE TWO: On inspiration – finding it, losing it, getting it back. {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE THREE: In progress – how multiple projects are part of our creative processes, and the end vs the process {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE FOUR: Creating a daily habit, and why it’s so important to us {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE FIVE: Why we love retreats and some of our favourite quilt camp moments {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE SIX: The importances of a creative partner, and leveraging our friendship into projects {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE SEVEN: Learning new skills, and growing past perfectionism {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE EIGHT: Creative play and connecting via play in a busy season {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE NINE: Classes & courses {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE TEN: Looking Forward, Looking Back – our season one wrap up! {SHOWNOTES}