Meet Rach

I’m so excited to be launching our new podcast, that we’ve been dreaming up for almost a year now!

I’m Rachel, also known as The Barefoot Crafter. I am a photographer, an incurable crafter, a shy extrovert, a board game addict, a book worm, a nerd and a geek, a compulsive list maker and suffer a terminal case of wanderlust with a side serving of red dirt fever. Most days I am fuelled by coffee, essential oils, and my ever-present to-do list.

I am married and have four children who I homeschool. I love having them home with me and sharing our days together. There are days where I get a bit cabin-feverish after 15 years of SAHM life, but then I kick my own butt and be thankful for the privilege to spend my days with these four awesome little people, and dabble in my projects in my spare time.

Our family lives in a little 3 room cabin on our property – it’s rather small and cozy, but I am loving living my tiny house dreams, and the lack of housework is fabulous. On our little farm in north west NSW (rural Australia, for our international friends) we also have a cat, two dogs, two pigs, two roosters and sixteen lazy hens who refuse to lay. Slackers.

I have been surrounded by crafty women all my life, and have enjoyed creative play for as long as I can remember. Some of my favourite baby items were those knitted & crocheted by my great grandmother for my glory box (are those still a thing??) and now as my nan & great aunts start downsizing, I’m honoured to be the recipient of much of their stashes.

I have always dabbled in clothes making, but in the last 6 months have taken to it with a vengeance. Thank you mum & dad for the years of sewing lessons as a teen! I am also what is most politely described as a “multi-passionate creative”, and I haven’t yet met a hobby I won’t try. I love creating in all its forms, and currently have in my WIP box: a crochet blanket, a knit jumper, a cross-stitch, a creative writing project, an art journal and I have an itching to start a quilt.

So hi!! I can’t wait to share more with you in this space!

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