Happy MOCSiversary!!

One whole year ago today, we nervously held our breath, and hit “publish” on our very first episode. It was rather scary to put ourselves out there, sharing online in a new way. In the 12 months since, we’ve been on the most amazing ride. We’ve built our podcasting skills – going from zoom and AirPods, to dedicated remote recording and proper microphones. We’ve grown in confidence, from sleepless nights ahead of episode days, and wanting to delete all the everything, to embracing “podcaster” as part of our online identity.

In a wild, topsy turvy time (seriously, the Roaring 20s was supposed to jazz music and fun dresses, not…whatever the heck this is), our weekly video calls have been a joyous point of connection. Our MOCS community has been a blessing, making us feel so very grateful for this wonderful adventure.

In honour of our first MOCSiversary, we’ve recorded a very special bonus episode, chatting growth and learning and the fun we’ve had along the way.

Thank you, so very much, for being part of our community. Every listen, share, follow is greatly appreciated. We couldn’t do this without you.

We are thrilled to announce SEASON THREE!! The first episode is due to land October 7, at 9am AEDT, in all the usual places. Follow us on instagram, or subscribe right here on the blog to keep up with all our updates. You can also listen and subscribe to our weekly episodes over on Apple PodcastsSpotify, AudibleAmazon and Google Podcasts.

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