Finding the everyday

Earlier today I opened the chat for MoCS and saw a very important message

“don’t forget to blog today”

“Oh” says I in the chat while simultaneously thinking, did she see, she definitely saw.


Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Says I. I realised last night I missed a week and forgot to blog. TWICE. Who knows where the week actually went? It has been a bit mad around here.

Such is the solidity of the tribe I found myself accepted into, that it was no problem. Yes I missed a week. Yes I skipped two promised blog posts. And Yes I totally stuffed her stat watching. But she graciously accepted that life happens and we moved on to chatter about something else (thankfully not my lack of Instagram posts)

When we planned the new season I was all on board for the Finding Your Tribe episode. My inner circles are small but they are mighty. Put me in a room with heaps of people I go quiet. Give me a small group and I am in my element.

Quilt Camp started way back in 2011. Before my daughter had started School. And since that first camp when I suggested Rach should blog more as I enjoyed her writing, I have been honoured to see a small snippet of her life, first through her blog. Then over the years as her family grew out and up. It was during the pandemic we started messaging about the everyday.

“MY COFFEE MACHINE IS DEAD” I message dramatically – heck anyone would think I’m aiming for an OsCar the way I carried on. By dead I usually mean it merely needs a clean. Cleaning involves a 30min cycle which hurts my head when I am DESPERATE for coffee. It’s a small everyday thing that once said in passing has become a long running joke.

When we were planning the subsequent episode about the Errand Hang I couldn’t get my head around it – why would anyone want to hear about then mundane parts of my life. As I began thinking about it, it’s not a lot different to squeezing in a coffee date with friends, running all our errands. Our chatter dropping between each store. Being side tracked then circling back to what we were discussing.

Since the pandemic I get in and out of the shops in record time and I realise I was missing these moments of everyday life and as the majority of my purchases are now online it makes sense to flick a quick message off in between. I’m sure Rach never expected to be signing up to all my over thinking. “Should I really buy three Little Golden Books for one Christmas project”

The answer she has learnt is yes. Always yes!

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