A season in a year

It was fun revisiting our “word of the year” during our latest podcast. As I mentioned my actual word “Replenish” has not shown itself to me in the everyday. I have faith that – the word will appear in mysterious ways, in the background just out of tangible reach.

Slow mornings

When I chose Replenish I wanted it to be more than just filling my cup with yet another coffee. Although I have done more than that this year and my husband thinks I should have shares in our local coffee shop.

After a couple of years where I was beginning to feel a little burnt out, the thought of replenishing felt right. Until in the early days I watched my cup fill to the brim and trickle over, flooding everything. Literally.

Today when I stopped to consider the word again, I realise that I have been slowing replenishing myself. I have been stealing moments alone to sit with the silence, sipping my coffee and scrawling words across my journal.

New flowers

As the seasons change we saw the end of renovations, rebuilds, repairs and landscaping and it was time to replenish my garden with new colours. New trees. New planter boxes.

Earlier this month I embarked on yet another attempt at NaNoWriMo. I have fallen behind the daily expected word count and I am raising my hand to say I won’t “win” this month. However I realise that it was never about winning. It was a way for me to fill my creative cup, replenish a part of me that I thought had been lost forever. Except it was never lost, it was just buried under the depths of previous years (and the irony that depth was my 2020 word that I never “finalised” is not lost on me)

And so as I float in my replenished cup, I feel the water under my wings, launching me onto a wave toward the coming year and the excitement of choosing a new word.

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