with gratitude.

Another season done! I can’t believe it, to be honest. To have wrapped three whole seasons is wondrous enough, but this season has seen us go from strength to strength, and I am completely blown away. Our listen rate this season was through the roof, and well in excess of ten times the number of listeners I said I was hoping for, back when we first started.

It’s felt a good season, a mix between light and more in depth. We’ve certainly found our groove, and feel comfortable pivoting at the last minute when we need to, rather than our nervous, over prepared selves from season one. This season has also found us return to regular blogging, giving us the space to share more of what’s on our mind with each episode. The weekend wrap has also been a fun addition to the schedule, and the current Advent Blogalong has been so good at keeping me motivated and productive, even when I’m feeling more on the grinchy side of things.

Podcasting has been such a blessing, for so many reasons. It’s lovely to have weekly video calls, in a time when we need connection more than ever. I’ve found it haas given me a confidence boost, trying this new channel of content creation. It’s so encouraging to hear from our listeners, when they tell us how they relate to different episodes – we all want to be seen and understood, don’t we? Thinking through and talking about different topics has helped broaden my perspectives on multiple topics. There’s even a new level to how I approach projects, and the how and why, inspired mostly by the podcast and the introspection it requires.

None of it, though, would be possible without you, our wonderful listeners and readers. So thank you, from the very bottom of my heart. Thank you for embracing our podcast and encouraging us and letting us know how you enjoy it. Thank you for listening and recommending us and sharing our posts. You are truly amazing, and I am so very full of gratitude for each and every one of you.

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