Weekend Wrap :: Rach

From a productive crafty week last week, to almost zero crafting this week. Tis the season to rollercoaster between extremes! Lots of life and jobs and getting the year wrapped up well. The most exciting part of my week was getting my craft storage cleaned out and organised, the book shelves cleared out, and best of all, St Nicholas came to visit with a new game! In between all that, I have been:

READING Louisa May Alcott Christmas scenes. Yes still. It’s been one of those weeks!

WATCHING not a lot – I’ve finished Castle (worst finale since Lost tbh), and nothing else has really grabbed me. Any recommendations for something to watch next?

LISTENING TO all the Christmas playlists. This week I’ve been particularly enjoying Jimmy Barnes new album, Blue Christmas.

PLANNING our contribution to Christmas lunch. So far I have cheesecake and cocktails on my list. Priorities, I have ’em.

WORKING ON finishing my 12 Days presents. We’re running down to the wire for postage dates, so I’ve chained myself to the craft table today and I’m not allowing myself any other crafting until they are done (or close to).

ENJOYING watching the children puzzle their way through their daily riddle in the advent escape room St Nicholas brought them.

How’s your week been?

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