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Tomorrow is Advent One – the first Sunday in Advent. It’s been a silver lining to have had this past week at home, taking a moment to pause, before the next four weeks sweep us up in a swirl of activity and projects and socialising and shopping. I adore advent, creating festive magic with and for my children, marking the passing of another year in a blaze of All The Things.

At home this week, I’ve felt inspired & invigorated, crafting my way through the days and reading in my down time. There’s been progress on multiple projects, a finish, a start. Parcels galore have come through the door – the last of my birthday money has been spent I pursuit of new toys. A niddy noddy, ball wonder, yarn swift. More fibre. New knitting needles. I am hoping to allocate my Sunday to rest and play – Saturday has been claimed by yard work and meetings. In between making all the things, this week I have been:

READING “The Prince Rupert Hotel for the Homeless” – the true story of the first weeks of the coronavirus, a four star London hotel, and the homeless folks who came to stay.

WATCHING the stars move across the sky, and the stunning colours of the dawn as the sun pokes its head over the horizon. We’ve been camping in the lounge room and the view out our back doors has me excited for our new home and the east facing French doors of the main bedroom.

LISTENING TO Phosphorescence by Julia Baird. I grabbed this one as a monthly Editors Extra freebie with my audible subscription. I’m finding it super encouraging and inspiring.

PLANNING an Advent full of fun and craftiness! We also some some MOCS activities planned – keep an eye out for that!

WORKING ON keeping my crafty in-progress list under control. It’s started to blow out so I’m trying to focus and not get distracted by the new and shiny.

ENJOYING the sunshine finally making an appearance. The rapidly warming days finally make it feel like Christmas is coming.

How’s your week been?

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