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This week, we recorded the final episode of season three. It was an emotional moment, realising how far we’ve come from that crazy idea of “let’s do one episode and see what happens”. Three whole seasons. Unbelievable.

In my non-podcasting world, we spent the first couple of days of the week doing the usual life stuff. We took a trip to our regional centre for the orthodontist. We volunteered at the scout pie drive sorting day. We did athletics and tennis and scouts. Then, Wednesday morning, everything ground to a halt. Boy2 woke up with a sniffle. By the end of a second day, he should have been getting better. Bear was due to spend the afternoon with my folks, and so, just in case, I did a RAT. As needless as every other time I’ve done one, I thought.

I thought wrong. Siri, enable emergency iso craft plan.

I have a list. I have daily videos to keep me accountable. I have a whole lot of stuff to get done, if I don’t lose floss chicken in the process. In between nurse duty and crafting my fingers off, this week I have been:

READING “The Secret Wife”, by Mark Lamprell. It only took me a couple of days, and I quite enjoyed it. It struck a good balance between fluffy and deep.

WATCHING Home Alone – starting the Christmas season early to try and raise the spirits of the sick children.

LISTENING TO brown noise at night time to keep the auditory part of my brain occupied while I read at night. Absolute game changer for my focus! This is the one I listen to on Spotify.

WORKING ON keeping focused. The lockdowns of 2020 & 2021 taught me lists and accountability are key to making the most of iso.

PLANNING a mini book to record this pause in life. What’s the point of living the authentic pandemic experience, if one doesn’t document it for the historical record.

ENJOYING showing up on video in insta stories, surprisingly. Am I self conscious of my wrinkles, and my teeth, and my pale eyebrows, and the regrowth that reminds me my next hairdressers appointment is coming up? Absolutely (just in case the neurotic list of my faults didn’t give it away). And yet, there’s something about showing up anyway, vulnerable in all those flaws, talking to my phone, that inspires me. Maybe it’s just having another, real, way of connecting that speaks to me.

How’s your week been?

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