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Last night, someone mentioned we are only six Saturday nights from Christmas. This pointy end of the year is coming up quickly! After a busy couple of weeks, we’ve had a quiet weekend at home, ready to start ramping up for the silly season. I’ve snuck in lots of fun crafty adventures, in between running children to sport and drama and art workshops and fishing excursions. I hit the athletics shed with my Cricut, along with a care package for a friend, and some custom esky stickers for a different friend. I’ve knitted a heap, and just today finally cast off my Linarii shawl. My gnome got unstitched and this afternoon’s job is to get it restitched. I’m dreaming of advent activities and gift swaps and Christmas craft projects. I’m especially dreaming of being done with homeschool for the year, and studiously ignoring my impending renewal. How the heck are we only two weeks out from advent?

This week I have been:

READING “The Tulip Tree”, by Suzanne McCourt, detailing the relationship of two brothers, from Poland in the aftermath of the First World War, through to the 1950s and the Snowy River Scheme.

WATCHING Castle, a nice easy watch while I’ve been knitting and stitching.

LISTENING TO midnights by Taylor Swift. The teens have taken control of my speaker, and I’m at the mercy of their current hyperfixation!

WORKING ON improving my spinning skills. It’s taken me all week to get there, but I finally have the wheel out again and a whole lot of practice in my sights!

PLANNING another round of 12 Days. This was such a fun project last year, I can’t wait to do it all over again

ENJOYING the warmer weather! It is finally starting to feel like the festive season is on the way. It’s hard to think Christmassy when its cool and overcast constantly!

How’s your week been?

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