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It’s been one of those weeks where I just haven’t stopped! We kicked off the week with a family barbeque and house guests, then add school, going out for dinner, going out for drinks, a sleepover for the tween and a concert last night, it’s been A Lot. I got a new spinning wheel this week (the ashford eSpinner 3 – perfect for tiny house dwellers who like to bounce between hobbies), and have been learning how to use it. I stitched, and stuffed up, the beard of my gnome, coming back to unstitch at the library while the children did school work. The cat attacked my yarn, the teen taught me to play Forza, the postie brought so many parcels. It’s been a week and a half and how is it Sunday again already? This week I have been:

READING “Elizabeth & Margaret”, by Andrew Morton. I grew up in the Di & Fergie scandal eras, learning the fine art of royal watching from my nan’s New Idea magazines, and the death of the Queen had me glued to the news for days. It’s interesting to read about the previous incarnations of York princesses and their unexpected path to the throne – I’m currently up to their removal to Windsor Castle during the war.

WATCHING not a lot! I’ve been too busy to watch much tv, instead choosing my audiobooks in my down time.

LISTENING TO The Hitchhiker on Audible. I finished The Forgotten Garden yesterday while knitting, but was on a roll so threw on The Hitchhiker because it was short. It was a freebie as part of our Audible subscription**, and is much scarier than my usual listen, so I had to pause it at bedtime. I hope to finish it today in daylight hours without too many nightmares tonight.

WORKING ON my Linarii shawl – the knitalong finishes today and I’m into the final section, so I’m hoping to have it off the needles and onto the blocking mats in the next couple of days.

PLANNING a quiet weekend next weekend! All this busyness has me all worn out!

ENJOYING learning new skills – the spinning wheel is harder to master than I expected, but I’m learning to embrace imperfection and my own limitations, and let the process be what it is.

How’s your week been?

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