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With two months until the end of the year, the weeks seem to be getting faster and faster! It’s been a busy week here, full of lots of “little” crafting, but no big shiny finishes or starts. I’ve knitted and cross stitched. I made a metric crap ton of labels on the Cricut for our athletics club. I joined in art class with the children, and did some nature inspired art of my own. I bought a cute pattern inspired by our nostalgia episode. We went on an adventure to start the week, and finished it with the big event of the week – the children’s drama performance. In between all that, and ticking off my lists and running on coffee fumes, this week I have been:

READING podcast notes as we get the second half of the season recorded, and I forgot what we said we would talk about!

WATCHING Castle. I started binging it over camp last weekend, and quite enjoyed it. I’m into season two now, though have slowed down the binge, and only watch one episode a night after I’ve listened to my audiobook or done some reading first.

LISTENING TO The Forgotten Garden on audio book. It’s taken a while to get into but I’ve listened to it for most of today while I did yard work and three million loads of washing and some stitching. If I can get the kids to bed early enough I’m hoping to finish it tonight!

WORKING ON the start of a plan for NaNoWriMo. Car suggested it at the beginning of the month, and I was in straight away. I have half an idea I haven’t had time to work on yet that I plan to develop next month, so I’m trying to make some notes to see if I can actually pull it off.

PLANNING a summer wardrobe for Miss12. Tween clothes shopping is a wild adventure, so instead I’m going to try and sew a lot of it for her. First up – shorts, and swimmers!

ENJOYING sunshine for a change! We’ve had a lovely few days without rain, so I’ve spent the morning out in the yard with my husband as we try and tame the jungle that used to be our lawn. I’m knackered now but it’s worth it to have everything looking so lovely and neat again.

How’s your week been?

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