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From kicking off a new school block (our final for the year!!), to panic crafting my camp gifts, to flood watch, and wrapping up with quilt camp at home, it’s been a roller coaster of a week! We are high and dry, our town dodged a bullet, and the husband and teen had a lovely night in town in a comfortable motel. I’ve had the strange experience of being inspired into a time consuming project, while feeling flat and unmotivated to actually do anything. The weekend has passed in an indulgent haze of crafting and chocolate and wine being poured probably a bit early, but at the same time, quilt camp at home has most definitely lost it’s novelty factor. See, roller coaster.

But the rollercoaster is pulling into the station, and Monday is beckoning. Before I completely submit to the demands of another week (and step away from the crafting long enough to plan school!), it’s time for the weekend wrap! This week I have been:

READING The Keeper Of Enchanted Rooms. It was different to my usual style of read, but quite enjoyable nonetheless.

WATCHING Seven Types of Ambiguity. It’s been on my IMDb watchlist for ages, and this rainy week was the perfect chance to watch it. It was an interesting look at the lies we tell ourselves and others, and the messy reality of trying to navigate life and relationships without losing one’s mind,

LISTENING TO my Camp Covid 2021 playlist I made as part of last years camp gift packs. It’s a fun mix, mainly based on titles that amused me as a play on the theme of wishing we were at camp and instead being at home and missing each other

WORKING ON my Linarii shawl. The knitalong officially ends next week and I would really like to have it finished, or at least ready to be blocked, by then. Last night I finished repeat 20 of 23 in the body of the shawl, so definitely getting closer!

PLANNING to ignore the school prep I should be doing, in favour of an art date with the girls and some gelli plate play

ENJOYING a decadently lazy weekend, in honour of what should be quilt camp. I’ve binged watched some shows, listened to an audiobook, read a magazine, and eaten too many chocolates. I’ve stayed up too late knitting. I’ve stitched on my gnome. I’ve ignored my screen time report hanging out in the group chat shooting the breeze, as if we were all on a couch in Yamba

How’s your week been?

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