Weekend Wrap: Car

The past week

When Rach asked for us to share a weekend wrap I was quick to say sure, even quicker to start wondering what the heck I did achieve this week. It’s been a week and then some around here but not all bad, just a lot. Back to School for term 4, an emergency vet visit, copious coffees and not much sleep (not from the coffee – the coffee was to keep me functioning!)

This week I have been

Reading – Black River by Matthew Spencer this was book 39/52 read for the year. I am on target for my yearly book per week target. The book took me the full week to get thru (insomnia saw me falling asleep with the book falling on my face)

Watching – I am alternating between Art classes and re watching Alias. My hubby and I also started watching “Outer Range” last night and the jury is still out on if we will like it or not.

Listening – I have a stack of podcasts waiting for me to listen to, but I’m reality I keep going back to my mic it up playlist that has all my favs both old and older.

Working on – this week marks week 14 in my Big HUGE Sketchbook I’ve shared a snippet above. Alongside this has been Inktober and dipping in and out of my Wizarding Artist Society Journals. So busy busy in making all the art this week!

Planning – I am in the fun time where I’m getting all my planners and journals ready for the new year. This week saw the arrival of new covers for the new year!

Enjoying – I joined Rach in her daily blogtober posts this week and I have found myself to be really enjoying getting back into writing regularly.

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