Weekend Wrap – Car

A funny sort of week

This week has been a bit weird. Blink and you’ll miss it! There has been lost of being lazy. Finalising Christmas menu only to forget fifteen things. My girl and I escaped to the beach with coffee. I’ve been madly trying to get work finalised and I’m taking lots of sunset photos and nature photos – for art!

This week I’ve been…

Reading – a Christmas book that’s so slow, the same audio book (I forgot about that one) and starting The Summer I turned Pretty.

Watching – full disclaimer I got sucked into the Harry and Meg Doco. I’m not proud to admit it and I have many thoughts. In between I have been binging Kath and Kim as well as The Summer I turned pretty.

Listening – my daughter added all of Taylor Swift to my work playlist this week.

Working – through list upon list upon list! It’s the final week of work pre holidays and I’d like to get it all done so I don’t have to do much over the next few weeks while Hubby is on holidays!

Planning – the New Year and what will go in each planner. I have higher hopes heading into 2023 than I did the past two years!

Enjoying – long lazy days of bouncing between journals and just general mess making! Fun times!

How has your week been?

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