Weekend Wrap – Car

What a week! We tried gracefully skating into the last week of the School year, and ended up like a spider on skates – legs going everywhere…. And that was just my daily yoga workouts!

What a week!

This week I have been

Reading – I finished a book y’all! Actually I finished TWO! Ok so they were a YA and a chick lit but a finish is a finish! I also have two more that should be done tonight if not tomorrow! Yay me!

Watching – I have done zero watching this week! The usual shows with my husband each night but nothing for me.

Listening – I threw a few extra songs onto my playlist for work and then let Apple Music choose songs for me, I have a stack of old / new music to bop out to while working now!

Working – work, work & more work this past week as well as getting more plants for my gardens and racing to plant them before the store rumbled by earlier today.

Planning – if you see my photo, planning more pens for my planners! Whoops I regret nothing.

Enjoying – School holidays, it’s been a great start already!

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