Weekend Wrap – Car

It’s been one of those blink and you will miss it weeks here! Crazy times! Between Halloween and zero tricks or treats – well there were treats for mum (who ate all the Halloween chocolate!) and donuts… writing month kicked off with noisy tree loppers (sadly our trees had disease) followed by trips to the nursery to replace those with natives. There has been art gallery night for School and another 500 pens for all my journaling needs. It feels like an uphill battle on the downward run to end of School year. So I am taking a great BIG breath today and focusing on what I *can* do with small steps forward.

This week I have been

READING – all the bad, horrible, no good news articles. I have barely touched a reading book all week and keep reading the same page over and over. I really need to pick a lane and stick to it’

WATCHING old reruns of Bones – I got bored of Alias this week. So I threw Bones back into rotation its always good to have in the background while I sketch at night.

LISTENING to The Hitchhiker on Audible. I’m awfully slow at listening and only listen when I stitch and I haven’t had a whole heap of time to do any this week.

WORKING on NaNoWriMo! Five days in and I’m at day 8 word count target (13,336 words) Yesterday was a lost cause, so hoping to knock over a couple of thousand today to make up for it.

PLANNING for end of year and Christmas as well as setting up planners for 2023.

ENJOYING returning to a daily writing regime and dabbling in some art in between.

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