The Story of 2 Blankets

This is the story of two blankets and the evolution of what makes a project take off while another project fails to grow.

These two blankets – shall we call them B1 and B2 – have been mentioned numerous times on our podcast. On episode two we delved into the backgrounds of multiple projects. From the very beginnings when we are tagged on Instagram, to the sometimes meticulous planning and finally the exciting shiny of casting (or in this case hooking) on something new.

Read on to see a more in-depth view of where I stand on these two main blankets that initially began as a group chat “we should start….”

Years ago, I think as early as 2015 we began talking about starting a group blanket. And by group I mean we would each make one using the same pattern. Colours were discussed and what was super interesting was the three of us wanted a rainbow blanket but none of us ended up with the same colours.

I hooked on in October 2015, then again in March 2016. A huge 288 stitches and at one point a whopping 31 colours that as I moved further into just weren’t working. I finally settled on the colours – reducing it to 17 plus white in May 2020.

While one of our trio has finished her blanket, mine continues to languish in the WIP basket. I am happy for this project to be a long term, slow burn. Am I disappointed in myself taking so many years to work on it only to not see much progress? Not at all.

For me this blanket is one of my ebbs and flows projects. I add a row when the weather cools, then pop it on the shelf to admire during the hot summer days (it is far too big and hot to touch when the temperature is above 20!) For now I am calling this blanket a paused project. I will continue to happily add colours when it calls me.

The opposite to my paused blanket is the Vintage Stripe. This has been trouble with a capital T from the beginning. This was another joint project, this time four of us decided to try it and every one of us threw the original pattern out and forged ahead with alternative patterns.

After ditching the first attempt. I got stuck on a colour on the second. I made a few tweaks and restated it following an Attic 24 pattern (The Cosy Stripe) I love Lucy’s Patterns they are easy to read and easy to follow however I made a mistake on the edge (my fault not the pattern) and when I accidentally switched hook brands to try and ease my sore wrist ended up with dreadful tension to go with the wavy sides. So I frogged it. Began again. And then this year I picked it up wanting to finish it by Easter only to discover after adding several rows I had added them to the wrong blanket.

Folks when you frog something – don’t leave it thinking you will just reverse crochet the new blanket… this will only lead to tears. And possibly swearing

Needless to say I shoved the blanket back in the cupboard. Disgusted. Unmotivated. Disinterested.

In this moment I am at a cross roads. I rarely stop a WIP but until I can move past whatever is blocking this blanket, I am throwing the yarn into stash and return my full focus to the Rainbow Wave blanket!

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