Season Two Archive

EPISODE ONE: Pandemics & Creative Shifts – how the last two years have shaped us {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE TWO: What makes a project take off? What makes it fail? {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE THREE: Creating for the sake of creating… or what is purpose? {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE FOUR: Productivity & finding time {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE FIVE: Starts, finishes & productivity {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE SIX: Staying grounded {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE SEVEN: Fear of starting, fear of letting go {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE EIGHT: On blogging and nostalgia {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE NINE: Instagram vs reality {SHOWNOTES}

EPISODE TEN: Life as multi-generational crafters {SHOWNOTES}