s3e8 :: connection in the comfort zone

After a busy couple of weeks, we are both finding ourselves reaching for familiar and meditative projects. Following on from our Nostalgia episode, we look at what influences us to reach for the familiar over the new and exciting, and how connection to those around us is one of the strongest influences of all

Ministry of Crafty Shenanigans is a weekly conversational podcast on creativity, connection, community and collaboration. We invite you to grab a project and a cuppa, and join us around our virtual craft table, as we chat inspiration, motivation, friendship and our creative process. Find us on Apple PodcastsSpotify, AudibleAmazon and Google Podcasts where you can listen & subscribe on a now to hear all the latest episodes as soon as they drop each Friday.


RaeCreates on Patreon

Alisa Burke’s mushroom mini class

Rach’s watercolour sketches

Nostalgia episode

27 materials challenges

Rach’s Animal House cross stitch + quilt

The Planet cross stitch Car is doing

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