s3e5 :: same same but different

Are we two peas in a pod, or is it more a case of opposites attract? “Brains are so silly”, we say to each other at least once a week. In today’s episode, we chat about the different ways our brains need a little nudge in the direction of keeping our minds on our projects. Personality types, focus, working environments…even pop culture and we settle the all important question – what Hogwarts house do we belong to?

Ministry of Crafty Shenanigans is a weekly conversational podcast on creativity, connection, community and collaboration. We invite you to grab a project and a cuppa, and join us around our virtual craft table, as we chat inspiration, motivation, friendship and our creative process. Find us on Apple PodcastsSpotify, AudibleAmazon and Google Podcasts where you can listen & subscribe on a now to hear all the latest episodes as soon as they drop each Friday.


The Four Tendencies (by Gretchen Rubin) – the quiz can be found here

There are multiple enneagram tests online – this one is free to take

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