s3e1 :: how nostalgia influences our crafting

Welcome to season THREE! We’re so excited to be back for another fabulous season of podcasting! In our season premiere, we are chatting about nostalgia, how we use it as a a means of connection and also as an inspiration launching point for our crafty projects. In a topsy turvy world that continues to be anything but predictable, the comfortable familiarity of nostalgic favourites are a touchstone we can use to ground ourselves. It’s also a way of connecting with the creative people who can before us, and gives our children a safe place to start exploring their own interests.

From sewing to journals to books, media and video games, we’re exploring how all the things we’ve loved in the past can inspire us and help us grow in the present.

Ministry of Crafty Shenanigans is a weekly conversational podcast on creativity, connection, community and collaboration. We invite you to grab a project and a cuppa, and join us around our virtual craft table, as we chat inspiration, motivation, friendship and our creative process.


Rach’s post about our quirky journal challenge is here.

And Cars quirky journal here

The prompt “time travel” (not remix!!) inspired the quilt that can be seen here.

You can find the start of Cars 80’s nostalgia painting project here

The song Rach references is “1985” by Bowling For Soup, which you can hear here.

The vintage coat dress Rach made can be seen here and her thoughts and tips on sewing with vintage patterns can be read here.

The article on nostalgia as a coping mechanism is from the Sydney Morning Herald in 2021, found here.

There was also a paper written on nostalgia and lockdown, based on PokemonGo, discussing community, connection, nostalgia, & escapism, which can be read here.

The book series Rach talks about is the Billabong series by Mary Grant Bruce. Fair warning – it was published before the First World War so does contain some references and attitudes that would not fit in a more aware and inclusive 2022 world.

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