s2e6 :: Staying Grounded With Craft

When the going gets tough, the crafters get going…to the project pile! Today we are chatting about how we use craft to ground us when we are feeling All The Things, and to help us process our big emotions. We also chat accountability and languishing – are we feeling flat because we haven’t bee crafting or are we avoiding crafting because we feel flat?


Rach’s grief crafting as a time-lapse and the finished cards.

BONUS! Download your printable 3×3 list worksheet here.

CONTENT WARNING/MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: During this episode, Car mentions her hysterectomy and using her creativity to deal with the emotional upheaval. Although she said in the podcast she had the operation because of endometriosis, it was also discovered she had adenomyosis (the lesser known, evil cousin of endo.) A hysterectomy does not / is not recommended for Endometriosis alone and it was only performed due to suspected Adeno and based on history of multiple operations!) She neglected to mention this as it was and still is emotional to discuss.

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