s2e3: Do It For The Process

Does a project need a point? Both of us are incurable crafters and always have something on the go – is it creating for creating sake? What drives us in our consistent creating? In today’s episode we look at some of the non-tangible outcomes of our projects, as well as a fun community project announced at the end of the episode!


Rach’s knitted jumper from 2020 & and the 2021 cardigan currently being reworked

Our previous episode about classes & Car’s addition to them is here

Rach’s previous thoughts on parallel play/crafting alongside here

Our original bingo challenge was from Lacelit as a subscriber freebie

And let’s craft together!! Kicking off at 6pm AEST tonight (Thursday), we are bingoing all Easter weekend! Grab your printable bingo card (pdf or png), then jump over to instagram and join us for #MOCSEasterBingo2022! We are also hosting #MOCSandSOCSeasterjournal – a documenting project that can take any form you like. Art journal? Photos? Writing? Stitching? The choice is yours! We’ll both be sharing our own over the weekend. Car is doing an art journal, Rach is doing project life.

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