s2e10 :: the joys of multigenerational crafting

We are so thrilled to be celebrating TWO SEASONS!! What a crazy adventure it has been, and so much more than we could have expected. Thank you so so much for being here and following along, we remain truly humbled and forever grateful at how warmly you’ve embraced us.

To mark the end of season two, and our twentieth full episode, we have some Very Special Guests (yes, so special they need capitals). We hope you enjoy hearing from them as much as we enjoyed having them.


A post on raising crafty kids by Rach is here.
Rach has also blogged about growing up crafty here in 2012, and again in 2019 (with bonus authentically vintage, Rachy Jr projects!!)
The Easter dress challenge we reference is introduced here, and Rach’s failure to account for a baby bump is chronicled here.

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