s1e8: creative play

A key part of both of our processes, and of our creative partnership, is a sense of playfulness. Today we are not only chatting about play, and how helpful it is personally, we also look at how important it is in busy seasons of our life, and how in those times, it becomes a fun way to connect. We also go down the rabbit hole of some project planning and you can see the craziness up close and personal!


The Etsy shop we bought our gnome patterns from is here.

Rach’s previous December Daily papers are here.

The advent art journal challenge we are doing we found here.

Our 2017/18 materials challenge can be found on Rach’s blog here.

More details on Easter Bingo here.

Thank you so much for listening to our latest episode, and we look forward to sharing episode nine with you next week, when we talk about classes – online, offline, and what makes us love a class and what keeps us coming back.

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