Returning to begin recording the podcast last week I opened the joint doc and was excited to see we were scheduled to chat about Nostalgia.

This topic is right up in my rabbit holes of Pinterest spirals right now so I was ready to chat and listed fifteen different ideas to discuss, while knowing full I would chat about the Carebears….

Growing up in the 80’s there was sooooo many cool toys. One night I went to Pinterest searching for a particular toy and suddenly I was down a Pinterest hole of vintage toys (yes 80’s are now considered vintage!) I started pinning then sending them to my girl squad. I think they grew tired of all my sharing but it was a trip down memory lane that made me smile.

Then I started thinking – what can I do with all these ideas. Buying vintage toys is suddenly SUPER expensive. I had a bath toy in the early 80’s and they go for FIFTY bucks! Original packaging add a zero. It’s crazy but I’m guessing I’m not the only one feeling the nostalgia.

Backing away from EBay, it hit me that I could simply begin bringing them into my art.

I had painted a Grumpy Bear last year and it even made my yearly calendar. I’ve since added Cheer Bear, Paddington and Rainbow Brite.

I am loving this project so much that I am falling headfirst into painting a full menagerie of 80’s nostalgia! And bonus I’m saving my hubby a mint buy NOT buying those bath toys!

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