MoCS SoCS Journal

What is MoCS and SoCS?

MoCS is the abbreviation We use for Ministry of Crafty Shenanigans

SoCS is Stream of consciousness

Sometime late last year, on one of my marathon you-tube watching marathons I came across a video by James Burke who attempted a 24 hour Stream of Consciousness journal. You can see his videos here

At the time I thought yes, I want to try this! Alas the 24hour time frame for someone who loves their sleep and can’t exist on less than 8 solid hours put me into a right pickle.

Then with the New Year approaching and a long weekend with no challenge set down I joked to my ministry chief of staff “maybe we should …” and her reply came faster than I could stipulate the rules (spoiler there are no rules. EXCEPT: finish in the designated time set out, to not think just do and to let whatever is in your mind to stream out creatively. Oh and to leave perfectionism at the door. Okay so maybe I was lying when I said NO RULES!)

From 6pm, 31st January until 6pm Monday 3rd January I poured whatever was on my mind into this 16 page insert. As Stream of Consciousness is technically random thoughts, The first two pages above were completely random with no meaning but further into the journal you can see where I was swayed by real life events or using outside sources to be creative. While I didn’t complete the set task it was super beneficial in journaling the excess that I would normally take on board but not necessarily do.

I allowed stickers, washi and collage but I mostly used pens and markers.

Ordinarily a death of a celebrity or a cyclone would rate a one liner in my written journal “oh betty white died, I should watch the Golden Girls” this other way feels more tangible of my feelings at that moment in time.

24 hours in I was losing steam and my brain was taking over so I drew it. I added all the thoughts and could feel a calm descending.

I doodled in it while watching Harry Potter and mused over potential word of the year.

By 9pm I Saturday I didn’t want to stop. The full crazy was erupting onto the page as we watched one of our favourite TV shows and dancing chickens started appearing.

Facts and mini art classes were making their way into it by Sunday.

Monday summed up by my three spirit creatures

And finally an hour or two past the finishing time, I found a creative way to finish the journal by turning my 4yo great nieces drawing into something for Mr Squiggle to ponder over.

This was such a great way to spend a long weekend and it was fun to do it virtually alongside with Rach, her finished journal turned out so awesome and so different to mine!

So with another long weekend rapidly approaching is anyone be keen to join us for a MoCS and SoCS Easter version?

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