Christmas came early!

Car again today, filling in for Rachy who is still under the weather, but feeling well enough to correct my grammar errors. LOL

Today was a bit exciting as Christmas came early! My MIL loves to get us something we will love and this year we really wanted a few more pots to fill the gardens. We hit up the local nursery coincidentally right next door to my coffee shop so it was a win-win in my eyes!

We are gardening newbies. Literally we have the luxury of throwing something in the ground and seeing it grow like a weed. Having lost most of our existing trees to disease and storms, we wanted to replace them with Australian Natives.

Long story short. We told the nursery they couldn’t be HUGE trees and they sold us trees that could be 10-20M high. Yikes!

A good friend who is quite knowledgeable with trees suggested we could attempt to grow these in pots. Wish us luck!

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