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Hi! My Name is Car and I can be found in multiple places around the interwebs usually under Carrose. (Creative or Creations!) I am a crazy crafter, a wannabe writer, a lover of books, a journal hoarder and an art supply addict. My entire existence depends on coffee, lists and fine tuned procrastination. I am an introvert until I get to know you (or on the odd occasion I find myself with a beer in hand) and I am currently a hermit in practice.

I am in my mid 40’s and have been married for over two decades. I am a mum of one sweet teenager, who is my biggest cheerleader. I also have one fur-baby who is 6 and lazy; my procrastinating skills match her lazy demeanor so we get along well.

I have been a WAHM for the last decade. I currently manage all the administration in our small business and we are incredibly lucky to be able to work out of a small office beside our house. Once upon a time I worked outside of the home but the long commute, work hours eating into my creative time and trying to fit in being a mum and working for my husband meant something had to give. 

I live in SE Queensland on a larger sized suburban block, half way between the City and the Sunshine Coast. We moved here 18 years ago and recently renovated, only to have to re-do it after what will be forever known as Stormaggedon. Thankfully we now have our home back minus the tradies and are slowly working to re-establish the gardens and outdoor areas.

I am a self confessed craft-a-holic. I began my crafting days as a child when my mum started Cross Stitching in the 80’s and placed a pattern in my hands. My mum and my late Nan inspired me to take up sewing even though I was never that great at it… full disclosure my year 9 Home Economics Teacher failed my teatowel apron. (Yes I am from that era of Schooling!) I continued cross stitch into my adult years alongside dabbling in sewing and later quilting. I also knit and crochet. My main love though is writing and journals. I am a journal writer from years ago and stumbled over Art journaling not long after I had my daughter. Usually a day doesn’t pass without me either writing or drawing some kind of quirky characters or painting. I love watercolour but acrylics are fast becoming something extra in my arsenal.

My current work in progress pile toppled over, so we won’t mention what’s actually in the pile. I like to see my entire craft room as a work in progress. On any given day I can walk in and pick up a craft and walk out with five other projects that screamed for my attention. I can’t see this changing anytime soon as I love the variety multiple projects brings me.

Looking forward to getting to know you more in this space over the coming months.

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