Growing with my Art

Way back in October 2017, I was busy preparing for camp weekend and after a stress filled day I sat with my watercolours and started splashing paint around. Back then I had owned my watercolours for two years and they still terrified me.

I was starting to follow my own intuition but there was something not quite “me” in any of my pieces.

So I plopped down a mix of colours. A loose shape. A couple of legs. Then I messaged Rach… “I think I have something that’s ME”

As I added crazy eyes and features, she said “tell me more!” Ever encouraging, I flicked her a picture and said look at my Cars OddBlobs.

Looking back I know they aren’t anything “amazing” in terms of art. But they grew and evolved and after dabbling with a calendar I really jumped into it. In 2020 I embarked on a year long adventure to paint Oddblobs in situations.

Farmer Blob in 2020… pre pandemic when carrots weren’t hoarded.

That project lasted 5 months and one completed journal. I still paint them as my go-to on those days I’m feeling like I can’t draw anything. Which happens more often than I care to admit, despite my growth in art.

After creating something from my brain I turned a corner and have a menagerie of madness filled with all kinds of little critters. I do on occasion attempt recreating actual art – like the moon calf (below)

I still have days where it all goes wrong, but as I progress on this journey I am learning to let go of the mess and imperfect creations. These days I tend to follow the intuition and the more I can relax and zone out with my painting, the more I actually kinda like it!

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