s1e1: hello!

Welcome to our very first podcast episode!! Today’s episode is all about us, and how we built and continue to maintain a long distance friendship, some thoughts on connection and creativity, and some of the favourite moments that have been the cornerstone of a decade of shenanigans. You can also listen and subscribe over on Apple Podcasts.


Our podcast instagram: instagram.com/ministryofcraftyshenanigans
Car’s instagram: instagram.com/carrosecreative
Car’s blog: thedesertmirage.wordpress.com
Rach’s instagram: instagram.com/barefootcrafter
Rach’s blog: thebarefootcrafter.com

Saturday Night Craft Along is a weekly craft party hosted exclusively on instagram. It starts from 6pm AEST, and has three international hosts covering Australasia, Europe and the Americas, so there is always a party going when it’s Saturday night in your part of the world.

Easter Creativity Bingo was originally a challenge to complete a bingo card that is a subscriber freebie from Lacelit, and you can find the last three years of Rach’s Easter bingo on her instagram highlights here, and Car’s Easter bingo highlight here.

Thank you so much for listening to our first episode, and we look forward to sharing episode two with you next week, when we talk inspiration, and putting plans into action.

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