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In the lead up to camp in 2019, I found myself at a loose end one afternoon. Unable to find ideas for camp gifts, I found myself searching for something else to channel my energy into. For me the creativity flows when I am being creative. When I don’t create, the ideas dry up.

After a particularly rough couple of years, I needed a project that was both big but small. On the market there were a heap of 365 books popping up for sale but after attempting one I found the paper was bad and I quickly grew bored with the prompts.

One afternoon after tossing up whether or not it was worth the added freight and waiting weeks to get yet another 365 prompt journal shipped that it dawned on me. I had a spare KikkiK 365 journal in my stash and despite the fact that I have never actually managed to finish a 365 journal I turned to my chief enabler and asked for her thoughts.

Prompt… Intentions and watercolour inchie

After explaining my idea and throwing a few prompts into the chat, Rach was on board and luckily had her own 365 journal waiting for the perfect project.

We threw prompts into the chat and over the weekend I searched Pinterest for ideas on possible projects that could be used in the journal and before we knew it I had a spreadsheet of 365 very different prompts and was ready to begin.

We called it the Quirky Journal project. 

Prompt… hand embroidery

Between September and November 2019, I managed 62 prompts and I love flipping back through the pages. I have every intention of returning to the journal and completing the prompt list because it was a really fun project to get creative and share with a friend.

Prompts… stencil a page and smush art

We did the above page at camp in 2019. Sharing a project with a friend is an awesome way to stay motivated and keep each other accountable. It strengthens friendships and gives us something to chat about while we wait until such time we can get to create together again in person.

#carandrachysquirkyjournal is our hashtag on Instagram if you want to see a few more pages we created.

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