Christmas Crafty Shenanigans

This week Rach left ME in charge of the blogging. I did so well for those four minutes until I promptly forgot all about it. Not once but twice.

I even drafted a post and forgot to post it!

Which if I’m being honest sums up the middle where we are feeling not overly Christmassy but also burnt out from too much Christmas!

In my little home there has been Christmas drinks and donuts, Christmas making (which has been delayed until early next year!) Christmas parties and sleepovers and the obligatory “YIKES Christmas is coming and I have all this work to do!”

And since I’m spilling all my truths here, I have fallen off nearly every advent-a-long I challenged myself to do! Even my December Daily has fallen by the wayside!

Christmas Cheer

Rather than fall apart, I am simply pulling up my socks and beginning again. Tonight I will do some journaling in my December Daily. This weekend I’m aiming to get in the kitchen to whip up some rocky road and cookies.

Are you keeping up with the silly season?

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