Autumn 2023 :: episode four

Four days of wall to wall crafting? What else would we do over the Easter long weekend! We’re sharing some thoughts on our inaugural MOCS Easter Bingo last year, and start kicking around ideas for this year – are you in?

Ministry of Crafty Shenanigans is a weekly conversational podcast on creativity, connection, community and collaboration. We invite you to grab a project and a cuppa, and join us around our virtual craft table, as we chat inspiration, motivation, friendship and our creative process. Find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, Amazon and Google Podcasts where you can listen & subscribe on a now to hear all the latest episodes as soon as they drop each Friday.


Least year’s easter bingo is here

Rach’s blog post about it is here

JOIN THE FUN!! We are running Easter Bingo again this year!! We kick off at 5pm Thursday 6th April (AEST), all the way through to 5pm Monday 10th April. There is a printable bingo card here, or the PNG here. Join us on instagram with the #MOCSEasterBingo2023 hashtag.

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